cruise automation interview questions (2023)

Are you looking to break into the field of Cruise Automation? This blog post is designed to give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to preparing for an interview. While general interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you want to work here?” may apply to nearly any job, there are certain specific questions related to Cruise Automation that you should be prepared to answer. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of common Cruise Automation interview questions you may be asked during the process. From asking about your experience to exploring how you would handle potential workplace challenges, these interview questions will help you get a better understanding of the Cruise Automation job you’re applying for. Read on to learn more.

Cruise Ship Jobs Interview Questions & Answers || Cruise Ship Interview Question & Answers

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cruise

Senior Software Engineer Interview


I applied through a recruiter.The process took 3 weeks.I interviewed at Cruise in Aug 2022


A recruiter from Cruise reached out to me for a SET position. I passed the technical screening but after learning more about the learn, decided to interview with a different team (remote assistance) for a full stack position.The interview had a technical screening, and then an onsite with a couple of coding challenges, system design and behavioral interview. The interviewers were all helpful and the questions were challenging but fair. What I loved was that the recruiter provided detailed feedback during the interview process and even after rejection.

Interview Questions

  • a few algorithmic queries, a typical cloud-focused system design, and a front end challenge

Robotics Intern Interview


I interviewed at Cruise


I applied to Cruise’s autonomy team as intern. After a few days I got an email from them saying I need to give a hackerank challenge. The hackerank challenge contained two medium level leetcode questions which were to be solved in an hour

Interview Questions

  • Medium level questions from leetcode

Senior Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Cruise


I spoke with a recruiter who explained the position and the work Cruise was doing. They were very accommodating with my schedule and we booked something for the future. It was a two-round interview with one developer for each round. The first round was a coding assessment. LC easy-med level question. The second round was a presentation of a system I had designed. I got a response a few days later that they did not think it was a good fit. I thought the interview went well! so was surprised to hear it. I am hoping to get some specific feedback to improve.. we will see.

Interview Questions

  • They were curious about the kinds of systems I created and the scalability problems I overcame.

A new app that would enable users to order food from their phones was being developed when I was working as an engineer for a major tech company. Several local restaurants had been participating in our app testing, but after one of them installed the app, problems started to arise. The proprietor of the restaurant called me because they believed there was a problem with the app.

For instance, “I’ve been a software engineer for five years now.” As an intern at a tech startup where I worked on creating new features for their website, I began my professional career. I was hired by a large company after I finished college, where I worked on creating apps for smartphones. My most recent job was at a small startup where I worked on the creation of Cruise’s initial version. ”.

As an illustration, “I’ve worked in teams before, and I find it advantageous because it enables everyone to contribute their specific skill set.” In my previous position, I worked on a team that created an app for one of our clients. Although we all played different roles, we cooperated to produce a successful product. ”.

Example: “I would first ensure that I comprehend the situation from all angles. I would then ask questions to help the two teammates identify their shared objectives in an effort to find some common ground between them. If they are still at odds over how to accomplish those objectives, I would advise them to collaborate on finding solutions so that we can all assess them and select the most effective one. ”.

Example: “There were times when the network would lag or even crash when I worked as an IT specialist for a large company. We needed to find a solution because this happened frequently enough. We chose to employ an additional IT professional who could assist us with these problems remotely. It allowed us to hire part-time workers for less money while still giving our staff access to technology. ”.

Cruise Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Average Total CompensationMin: $150KMax: $283KMin: $11KMax: $836K

Question 4. Problem Statement for the Unique Paths II LeetCode Solution According to the Unique Paths II LeetCode Solution, “Unique Paths II,” given an m x n grid, a robot should start at the top left corner of the grid. The total number of paths leading to the grid’s bottom right corner must be determined.

Question 3. Problem Statement for the Decode String LeetCode Solution The Decode String LeetCode Solution asks you to change the encoded string into a decoded string. The encoding rule is expressed as k[encoded_string], where k is a positive integer and encoded_string is repeated exactly k times. Example: Input: s = “3[a]2[bc]” Output: “aaabcbc” .

Question 1. Problem Statement for the Unique Paths II LeetCode Solution According to the Unique Paths II LeetCode Solution, “Unique Paths II,” given an m x n grid, a robot should start at the top left corner of the grid. The total number of paths leading to the grid’s bottom right corner must be determined.

Question 7. Implementing the Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache is a type of method that is used to keep the data so that the time needed to use the data is as short as possible. LRU algorithm used when the cache is full. We purge the cache memory of the least recently used data by

Question 6. The minesweeper game is available online at Wikipedia. You are given an m x n char matrix board representing the game board where: M represents an unrevealed mine, E represents an unrevealed empty square, and B represents a revealed blank square with no adjacent mines (i.e. e. , above, below, left, right, and all .


How do I prepare for a cruise interview?

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Cruise Ship Interview

  1. Be ready for a virtual interview. …
  2. Read through your CV. …
  3. Brush up on your knowledge. …
  4. Do some self-reflection. …
  5. Research the cruise line. …
  6. Dress appropriately. …
  7. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and energy. …
  8. Prepare for common questions.

How do you answer a cruise ship interview questions?

By setting up remote, automated interviews and tests where the employer doesn’t necessarily need to be in live attendance, virtual reality brings the human element back to the hiring process while also assisting in speeding up testing processes and giving potentially nice recruiters their time back.

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